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What we resists persists.  Until we face our deepest fears they will continue to show up in this life.

An example of this of one of my own is that for years I was nervous about telling people what I was even though I loved what I was . this was all to do with a life I had as a healer but at the time I was persecuted as a witch .

 incarnation we have a jobsheet from heaven.  Our soul contract is to learn our lessons – these will show up time after time until the lesson is learnt.

Do you struggle with boundaries?

Do you have money blocks and issues with receiving money?

Do the same patterns repeat themselves in your relationship?

Do you struggle to maintain healthy family relationships?

A past life reading helps you connect the dots to see the patterns that are showing in this life and what you need to do to move forward with ease.


Intuitive readings - Tarot

Deep down we know the answers as everything we need is within us. Hindsight is a beautiful thing!  However, in the cold light of day when we are faced with a difficult decision it’s a lot easier said than done.

Are you feeling at a crossroads?

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you unsure of the next step?

Tarot readings can help with the following:

*  Guidance with life changes

*  Relationship guidance

* Career guidance

* Business readings 

To provide positive guidance

Hi Rachel.

Thank you for an excellent reading. It is very true. You are spot on! How did you pick up my vibes without seeing me or knowing anything about me? That is amazing. Well worth the money.

You have a very special gift. Thanks again. You've given me some clarity in my life and confirmed what I already knew really. You've given me the confidence to go for my dream and to follow my heart!

Love and blessings,

Andy x


We never truly lose anyone – they are always with us, loving and protecting us from above.  Even though they are not with us anymore.  When people pass over – if its sudden or a shock, we may not have had the chance to say our goodbyes or make our peace.  

Is there someone in spirit who you would like to get a message to or even receive one from? 

Is there something troubling you and connection with a loved one in spirit would help.

just had a brilliant reading spoken to my gran everything was spot on thank you so much truly amazing gift and to share it i feel blessed thank you