Hi Rachel.

Thank you for an excellent reading. It is very true. You are spot on! How did you pick up my vibes without seeing me or knowing anything about me? That is amazing. Well worth the money.

You have a very special gift. Thanks again. You've given me some clarity in my life and confirmed what I already knew really. You've given me the confidence to go for my dream and to follow my heart!

Love and blessings,

Andy x

The reading I had today really helped me with my mental health, also knowing my Nan is with me has made me feel so happy. Everything that was said was 100% spot on. Thank you so much for a brilliant reading and healing sent my way for me xxx

Amy Leigh McMillan

just had a brillent reading spoken to my gran everythink was spot on thank you so much truely amazeing gift and to share it i feel blessed thank you xxxxx

Shell y Andrews

Bethanie Thompson

I've just had a medium and i am in much shock and so happy same time,i spoken to my granddad after 2 years of his passing,thank you so so so much!❤

Just had an amazing reading. Heard things that I've needed to hear for a long time. Thank you so much again x

Lynne Adkins

An Amazing past life reading with lots of insight and feel so much better for it .

Michelle Currie Stiefell